Welcome to Pipa's dreamlike world, inspired by the overflowing imagination of children.

Discover a series of illustrations that will amuse young and old alike!


The chimeras

Pipa's collection of chimeras is based on a few animals scribbled by hand several years ago on the benches of his school of applied arts. These drawings will bring him to meet the woman who will become his wife, the mother of his children... A good omen! So it was time, after a period of maturation and improvement, encouraged by the hilarious reactions of his dear blond heads and their friends, that these funny animals came out of their cardboard box, and that others were born to give a bunch of jokers! These different animals will blend in perfectly with the decoration of your children's room, while stimulating the imagination & creating topics of conversation (tested & approved!).

A Daddy who draws!

“As a graphic designer, I’ve always drawn for pleasure. Today, encouraged by my wife, my 2 children and the imminent arrival of the little one, I am happy to finally publish this first collection of illustrations… I feel more like a father than an illustrator when I draw: I think of my children, my nephews, their friends, I love to observe their reactions and I love the idea of making a child laugh. I’m looking forward to publishing the following collections!”

Why Pipa ?!

“I owe my nickname to the mischief of my daughter who called me Pipa by mistake. She then burst out laughing and then continued to call me that. I liked this natural, unashamedly childlike self-derision. It represents the illustrations I’m trying to do, a world inspired by the slightly improbable things that seem absurd to us adults but not to them!”